MUSICAL A-Z(pt. 1)

Music’s A to Z according to Esir:(Part 1)

One of my favorite blogger’s(Sal’s Mente) did this and i really liked the idea so i decided why not try challenge myself and give it a music twist.

A- Adele.

Now Adele has the vocals of a goddess…I’m not sure how many female artists can brag to compete with what the hello songstress has to offer.Speaking of hello the track must have millions of covers by now…Even our swahili own by Dela is just amazing but the gospel one by Jimmy Gait…:(:(:(Shaaammmmeee!!!

B- Boy bands.

Well i’m a guy and i’m kinda jealous of the girls this guys get to bed *fisi mode* but all in all boy bands are here to stay(Girls give me an Amen!!).With 1D,The Vamps,5SOS ,Kenyan’s Sauti Sol and Magic! as examples you can’t help but smell the talent.

C- Cover Songs

2015-16 i discovered the power of Cover songs.I mean i hated some songs but loved their covers with the likes of Conor Maynard,Hailee Steinfield,Boyce Avenue,Max Scheirdelin,Ed Sheraan on top of my Cover artists leadboard.Reggae covers of pop songs are also simply amazing

D- Dabb

“..♪look at my dab♪…”…This dance phenomenom whoever started i still don’t know but perhaps i first saw it on Rae Sremmurd’s No flex zone music Video but it went viral after Metro boomin and Southside danced on Future’s WYA video.Credit to them but all the same long live the dab.

E- “Eat that….like…”

Jhene Aiko’s verse on post to be was one of pop culture’s all time best phrases “Eat that booty like groceries…”.Anyone hungry…??

F- Future Hendrix + Fetty Wap

When i see this two together i think of the word TRAP.Future is the king of the new ace music style on the verge of takin over,i’m talkin’ of Trap Music and as for Fetty Wap he’s the certified hit-maker,smash song writer with his breakout track Trap Queen.Sharing a track with this two F’s is definately a dream.👊Fist bump!

G- Grammy awards

The 58th annual/2016 Grammy awards were a blast with big wins for Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.Two perfimances lit up the night with Kendrick Lamar almost “freedom-fight” like perfomance historic and the David Bowie tribute by Lady Gaga also amazing.Adele perfomed too though at the end the perfomance wasn’t that great with audio issues.

H- Her highnesses

Ladies been raising their standards high with Nicki Minaj setting the levels high for female as well as male rappers.Beyonce’s surprise albums are well…whats the word astonishing…i mean who drops an album overnight…!!Dej loaf is repping Detroit far much much better than we expected.Surely They ain’t our mamas!!!

I- Ibiza

Ok Ibiza is one if my dream destination juhs cause of the clubbing vibe around it.But one of the biggest 2016 hits is Mike Posner’s “I took a pill in Ibiza”….this chill sing is juhs a must hear.Cheers to Ibiza.

J- Jay Z

It’s all about business with Jigga Jay.This is no longer reasonable doubt Jay Z its Suit & Tie Jay Z.Jay Z right now is on another level with his streaming app Tidal with artists like Nicki,Pharell,Mustard,Beyonce,Usher plus many more on board.

K- Kendrick Lamar

The Hiphop King deseverdly crowned himself after his Section 80 mixtape and To Pimp A Butterfly album.His hard hittin lines and black liberation themes makes him one of the greatest of all time.King Kunta!!

L- Love and Hiphop

Forget the reality show…I’m talkin of love involving hiphop artists they seemed to be tabs everywhere.Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj;TYGA & Kylie Jenner;Jay Z & Beyonce break-up rumours;CB & Karrueche plus many more.#TrapRoyalties

M- Mustard + Metro Boomin’

♪Mustard on the beat ho!♪ this Cali hit-maker is credited for chart toppers all round the hiphop circle…Metro Boomin to trap music and Future is what Noah 40 is to Drake.He’s responsible for beats by artists like Future,Drake and Young Thug.

N- Noah 40 Shebib

“There won’t be a Drake,if not for 40” Drake.The 6 god said it himself with almost 3/4s of his song produced or co produced by Noah Shebib.Its about time he’s credited.

Ok O-P coming up shortly on Part 2.

Don Esir

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