MUSICAL A-Z(pt. 2 O-Z)

Music’s A to Z according to Esir:(Part 2)


October’s Very Own is Drake lifestyle with the name being used by his label and also his radio station.The brand is one of the best.OVO Unruly!!

P- Purpose the album

The comeback album for Justin Bieber was the best of JB.We’ll he make a better one…??Nah, I don’t think so but as he has(at every chance) shown me ‘Never write of the Biebs’

Q- Queen Bey

Beyonce recently dropped a bombshell of his visual album Lemonade.Boy did she not hold back on her cheating hubby…She even called out the side chick for being the “becky with good hair”😨😨…

R- Royalty

Royalty is Chris Brown’s daughter and recent album.Cb poured out on this album and we got to see him at his naturally best and gave us a peek into his daddy life with “little more” & by the way i happen to share my birthday with Royalty.

S- Sorry

Idk what it is with this word but every song titled that was a hit from Justin Bieber’s to Rick Ross ft Chris Brown and latest being Beyonce on lemonade.My favorite tho was Rick Ross’ simply cause it sounded so sincere.

T- Taylor Swift

The American sweetheart had an amazing last 2 years esp with the now gone sour r’ship with Dj Calvin Harris but apart from that her album and tour was just epic.Speaking of epic stuff did you see her apple music advert where she rapped along to WATTBA track Jumpman.!?

U- ♪Usher…usher…♪

Back to sleep remix two featueing usher has the phrase “usher…usher…”.This is my best version and aing so far.Play it back to sleep.

V- Views from the 6

Ok now this is one of music’s best albums of all time.I mean Views was already a classic before it was released and it cemented Drake as a legend if there were any doubters.Views!!!


WATTBA is an acronym of the joint album between Future and Drake entilted What A Time To Be Alive.The best rapper and the Trap king…The quality is awesome for a project worked on for a week.Man what a time to be alive!


Well XO is the Weeknd’s brand and i mean who daent love some Weeknd.

Y- Young Thug

The reigning hiphop wierdo has a unique style that no one can copy and deliver.That’s why i love Thuggerthugger.♪My bestie my bestie my bestfriend!!♪

Z- Zayn Malik

To be honest when Zayn announced his exit from 1D i thought it was a bad choice but he made me and i know many peeps take back their words.His album Mind of Mine is a pure gem.My personal favorite jams including TiO,Pillowtalk and BeFour.

Mmmhhh i’m finally done now i’m waiting for the BET Awards later on today!!

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