Track greenlight:Don’t hurt me-Dj Mustard


Well the hiphop queen is back and well looks like shez here 2 reclaim her crown(its new music…new nicki music been long☺☺😜).The track titled “Dnt hurt me” is a feature from Cali hitmaker Dj Mustard with rnb crooner Jeremih also getting in some vocals…The easy slightly bass beat gets an infectious chorus from Jeremih one with samples from an 80’s dancehall jam… “♬Ooh baby dnt hurt me,hurt me,hurt me…u knw i like it when u get naughty,naughty,naughty♬”.Nicki slays her competition and still gets time to taunt her ex while praising her beau Meek Mill.Well with two verses and the song being recorded during the NBAFinals Her Minajesty improvises her lines rapping…”♪Even if u was Curry,bitch, theas still a LeBron…Bt let’s face it, I’m Curry, with rings like LeBron…♪”…this song is definetely one for the summer 16.LETS RIDE!!!(download link below #juhs_copy_paste)
Don Esir

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