Kenyan Music:Hit or Miss..?!?

#TheeEsirLane254low(twofiveflow) flowing nowhere:
Kenyan music popularly known as the 254low is one that lacks African appreciation.Is that deservedly right or wrong…??That’s for you to decide…As for me i think to some extent it deserves the less attention it gets.

Kenyan artists have been coming savagedly at radio personalities for not giving Kenyan music much airplay,with radio and TV stations giving much airplay to Nigerian and International acts.Well i say that’s stupid of them!!Its all about quality and passion…Listening to our own music at the moment I would only press replay for a few songs and mostly are joints by usual suspects like Sauti Sol,Rabbit and Octopizzo.Kenyan acts need to up their antics if we as country want to be formidable force in the music industry.

I’m not hating the likes of Timmy,Kristoff,Gabu blahblahblah deserve credit i mean go to the clubs and all you hear is Dandia,Tunakubali and Eish!!But we get that club bangers but why don’t they appeal to Africa;Is it because they are in Swahili…??Naah,Tanzanians are doing remarkable and they doing pure Swahili…Even Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade has a swahili song Na Gode which juhs goea to show our Swahili language has crossed borders but our music not yet since they lack a bit of a special cutting edge.

May be its cause we don’t have a specific sound…When beats from Nigeria or South Africa come on you’ll be like “That’s Naija” or “That’s Mzansi”…We mix it all up;We lack a common sound and even as we do,may be hiphop or RnB we don’t be the best at it.

It’s not all about the artists,We as the audience also deserve part of the blame.Most of us are too lazy to explore our music…I mean i’d rather listen to Mtv Base or Trace Urban where i’ll get a dose of Fetty Wap,Drake,Wizkid and the rest but only a single Sauti Sol jam.Going to youtube i will juhs go to the section of Music where i’ll get suggestions of Diamond,Taylor Swift,Adele….You see the vibe is the same whether ypu use Soundcloud,Deezer or Itunes.Guys love where you’ll basically get free and amazing Kenyan songs.

Another place where we as Kenyans fail is always giving chance to the so called Kenyan music heavyweights but this is not where the real talent is;The underground Kenyan music scene is jumpy and vibrant with incredible artists.Trust me #NuNairobi is scorching with Talent flaming as hot as hell fire take for instance PyroNairo a group,No better said its a movement with amazing new acts like Avionix,Twin$ouls,R.I.Z.E,Mr. Lu,Duke & Haze,Alfa Mars and many more.(Visit soundcloud or hit google and discover them)…Apart from PyroNairo the likes of Gilad,Tetu Shani,Just Imagine Africa,East African Wave,Wangeci,Kibz,Alex Red don’t get as much crefit as they deserve.Lets make real music appreciated.

Kenyan Music with the help of OG’s like Jaguar,Sauti Sol,King Kaka,Khaligraph Jones,Octo,Victoria Kimani etc and the nextrated likes of PyroNairo crew,Pascal Tokodi,Ms Karun,Yvonne Darq,Taiwo Tripper etc to the listeners ME & YOU will definetely take its place as one of the best regions music-wise.LETS RIDE!!

Don Esir.

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