Album Review:No Hard Feelings-Dreezy

Dreezy:The Female Drake…???

Seandrea Sledge, better known as Dreezy is a rapper and singer born and bred in South Chicago.I first got to hear the now 22 year old when she simply blazed Nicki Minaj’s track “Chi-raq” which she actually did better than Her Minajesty Nicki(coming from me a staunch Nicki fan,you better believe that)…Fast forward to 2016 Dreezy has released her major-label debut album entitled “No Hard Feelings”.The album is blended through different mixtures of sounds into one amazing collection.I believe that finally the rap game has another female emcee in Dreezy,a female Drake.

Through the album Dreezy switches seamlessly between singing and rapping with my favorites being “Spazz”(a joint that Future or Young Thug would enjoy),”Body”(feat Jeremih,a perfect single for the summer in the States),”We gon ride”(feat Gucci Mane…This is the best of Gucci since he was freed and Dreezy did amazing to) & finally “Wasted” is another favorite of mine.

I feel like Dreezy would turn amazing if he gets a Nicki Minaj or Bryson Tiller or The Weeknd feature.Make sure you listen to this track.Download link below:

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