Hey fam yoh favorite African music critic is back with another one *insert drake’s voice on no shopping verse*…Sorry I had been away a while working on my school stuff and my new endeavor IG poetry and writings which by the way are a catch y’all should check that out all the way down my page.

Enough of that lets get to the main sauce of the day which on the menu we have African Hiphop, Its been a great year for African music as we finally appealing to a worldwide audience with the likes of Wizkid popping up on major hits of this year  to AKA & Cassper Nyovest making apearances on The Sway Show to a packed ONE AFRICA FEST held at the Barclays Centre etc and its been a great year for our hiphop with Rappers slaying all over the continent.

I’mma get right into the list in an ascending order…Let’s ride:



King Khali or as he calls himself PAPA JONES has had a stellar year with banger after banger. With his pro points being fast rap delivery and a cool accent to boast his delivery this Kenyan rapper has the world waiting for him to conquer.

His song YEGO was one of the best track delivered this year and his recent track with his girlfriend MICASA SUCASA is already a chart topper and yoh peeps that joint will definately get you high *get it…joint…high…pun intended*



Dremo is one of the new signed acts on Davido’s record label DMW and first time I saw him in his cap and all extended tee I could swear I saw Tory Lanez…But to the real stuff Dremo has had a nice year with all his songs being hits though he has mostly been appearing as a guest artist on several songs he always takes the spotlight.

He’s new to the game but given more months I see him as a force the industry will have to reckon with.



Emtee the hustler has had easily the biggest track in Africa this year “Roll up” the track has an infectious hook to it and it’s remixed featured two of the biggest Afro artists in Wizkid & AKA.

That aside his tracks like Pearl Thusi Winning are also major hiphop hits that are worth the listen.He recently revealed his own record label AMBITIOUZ RECORDS that boasts some of the best young South African rappers.



Olamide “Baddo” is already a legend in his country Nigeria and Africa too…Everything this guy handls turns out to be magic.Last year the MTV Base table crowned him as the best Nigerian artiste and though he took some time out he still delivered in his track Conkobility and one of my favorite songs this year Who you epp,Which has several freestyles to it.

Delivering his rymes in his native Yoruba language you still don’t fail to bump your head when Mr. Baddo comes on



Falz thee Bahd guy is one of my favorite people in the entertainment industry right now…I mean he raps,acts,host and to top it all off he’s a comic.With his music videos funny to say the least he never disappoints once he has the mic in his hands.

How he doesn’t top this list still makes me wonder cause the guy has had hit after hit after hit.His album Stories that touched is a must have in your playlist with blazing tracks like bad gang,soft work,soldier all released this year really no one can be good than this bahd guy.



This youngin’ is signed under Emtee’s Ambitiouz record label and boy can he rap.He brought fear into all the so called afro-hiphop OGs  with his clever line deliveries and killer punchlines.

He recently released his first EP entitled PARADISE which I guarantee 10 times out of 10 will have you thanking me for mentioning him in my list.

4. Y CEE


Jagaban ain’t nobody badder than,

got them boys shivering like winter no be harmattan,

Assalam Aleikum,Wa’aleikum Salaam,

they tried to feed e beef I told the boys wait for Ramadan..”

Goes the line of the track that introduced Yung Carter aka Y Cee to Africa and from there the Jagaban{young king} hasn’t slowed down spitting his lines to our phone playlists.As he gears up to realease his first project an EP titled TFW{The First Wave} that is expected to pack hits like Su Mi,Omo alhaji and In da benz Y Cee is already a game changer.

3. AKA


Well what do I actually say about THE SUPA MEGA…How about the fact that wherever you’re reading this from that if you don’t know about AKA is that you probably tucked somewhere off the grid. I’m the biggest Supa Mega fan I actually call myself MEGA-tron *get it…??*

AKA would top this chart each day but lately he’s branched off to singing house,pop and trance music infusing all that in his hip-hop roots hence he’s a little down the chat.He recently appeared on the Sway Morning show as mentioned earlier and his tracks have topped BBC 1’s charts in the UK.

With hit songs like Baddest, Dream-work ,Roll up Re up,Real stuff,One time,Bang out & Make me sing all being released this year you can understand why we all love AKA.



Truth be told I wasn’t the biggest Nyovest fan especially after he beefed up with AKA but since the beef’s been squashed hell yeah I’ll admit that he’s one of the best rappers on the planet.He recently almost filled up Orlando Stadium the legendary South African stadium.

His last album carried its pace to this year and he realeased several tracks and features that still makes him relevant in the always competitive rap industry.With tracks like War ready,2 Legit,Phanda Mo,428 to LA having a buzz this yaer.



Its about to get NASTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!Finally we get to the top this year has been the year Nasty C changed the afro hip-hop scene for the better no wait for the best he set bars that are hard to break.

This 19 year old has had a magical year producing the best album so far called BAD HAIR which I’ll preview soon for you guys and has had one of the biggest tracks of the year Juice back remix featuring Cassper Nyovest & Davido.

His LP is a must hear and singles like Belong, Switched up, Bamm Bamm also a must have.

And their it is the list of the best emcees that Africa has had to offer this year.

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