Album Review:Do Not Consume If Seal Is Broken(DCISIB)-Wangechi


Well this week decided to bless y’all with posts back to back and I’m back with a 9 track EP by Kenyan female rapper Wangechi dubbed DCISIB. First and foremost the name of this extended play in itself is magical and super artistic…Immediately she teased it a few months ago I knew from the title this project will be one hell of a ride:Was it worth my wait…mmmmhhh….HELL YEAH!!!

So Wangechi has really grown since the first time she lit our screens with that infectious verse off King Kaka’s “ligi soo remix” and a testimony is this project which is by far the best Kenyan Album this year.I fell like finally Kenyan acts are putting in much effort and if the results are going to produce magical sounds like this here I can’t wait for 2017.

The album’s sound had me thinking of several artists as I went through it with the likes of Kendrick Lamar & AKA being some. DCISIB is almost comparable to Kendrick’s TPAB or AKA’s LEVELS as these two artistes incorporated different genres or music styles with hiphop with DCISIB taking the former’s style of Funk & an almost “jazzy” sound.And the album being a more of a conscious rap album than a party album.

Here are some 4 track by track review that I feel are worth the listen…I’ll leave the tracks for streaming and a link to download the album.

Ain’t it funny:The track talks of day ones and fake friends I mean we all have those types right….??The track had one of the best features in super talented emcee Taiwo and his verse was a track highlight on this one.I love the drums on the beat-they give the jam a nice live/acoustic feel.

Alright:Personally this right here is my favorite on the EP. It flew me back to the ligi-soo-days Wangechi with that fast delivery rap & the song is about falling in love(what’s better than a rap femme fatale showing her soft side..??).The vocals on the chorus by OG Didge are also a plus.I feel this track would suit Bruno Mars or Macklemore.Its just pure uptown funk.

Memories: The intro on this track is just pure heaven…I mean the bass guitar and the rewind beat that flows us to feel the past(memories) is intelligent(Nice work by producer festus).This track has some of the best rap lines on the album I fell most we’ll dig this.

Not:Lyrically speaking this track would ave made it to any conscious rap album by Kendrick if Lamar was to cop this album I think this right here would have been a favorite to him.This track deserves a grammy award(I know GRAMMY’s are a big deal) because Wangechi dwells in what we the young gen miss out on;The second verse is my favorite on the album.With the chorus going

” What we hear is not what we listen to,

Every generation needs a hearing aid” 

Thats deep.


To download the album visit:

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