Album Review:Evolution-Hendrick


In Kenya the world of EDM,Electro,House,Trance music is still growing and no lie the market is here for this type of genre acts who know have what it takes to break out.I ran into this amazing 7-track Extended Play project on twitter and later got a chance to hear it on sound cloud and boy is it great.*rubbing hands*

Hendrick deserves a sensei bow for this amazing project.It had me lost and found at the same time.The way the vocals were integrated on the beats was amazing;The tracks told stories with no lyrics something that makes me press replay each time I plug my earphones for a ride down the EDM lane.

I’ll do a track by track review down below:

Meme Science

It’s the intro to the EP and it almost gives me a horror-movie kinda mood…Now slow down not that it’s scary but the beats to it give off that vibe.It has some trap sounds to it that accentuate the sound even more.After this comes one nice trip to heaven in 6 tracks

Colors Shifting

Jumping unto the second track I already had a favorite…Colors shifting is nice well sorted jam with the vocals the best part of it all;With them sounding like spiritual chants that we’ll take you and put you in a different world-“lost”. The beat switch ups ad almost the mid of the track add a nice flavor to the track as a general.


Overt is my favorite track of the week.It almost feels like a love ballad only up’d a little.With this definitely one track I feel The Chain-smokers need to listen to.The joint made me feel like staring into her eyes as it went on…*It’s that good*.It had this funky classical sound to it that would probably have had it played by the DJ back then when My Dad met My Mum.HeHe!!


Motives has this game soundtrack feel to it…It had me thinking of that Bricks Game everyone had when we were young.The beat switch up at the end would be ideal for Tove Lo.



Listening to it took me to a club in Paris to Milan and well I took a pill in Ibiza too.It’s the ultimate party sound for all EDM fanatics out there.Go cop this album its really really really great.*Wait lemme take my headphones and play me some overload*


It told me a story…a sad love story that ended up in some hope.I hope the two Chinese vocalists’ story ended happily ever after.This Asian inspired track blended the beats and the vocals blend seamlessly.


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