Album Review:SAFARI-Victoria Kimani


Chocolate city first lady Victoria Kimani has been causing waves the last few days and this is cause her album just dropped.Titled SAFARI which is Swahili word for “Journey” is a well put together album of international standards in every way.

The now 32 year old American-born,Nigerian-based Kenyan singer brought all her different cultures into one album and it blend seamlessly.For me the album is catered for all music fans regardless of the genre you love.With the main sound of this 13-track project being more of club/dance music Kimani brought trap sounds in tracks like That’s OK & Giving You…With March Along taking a more acoustic-reggae feel.


The album carries 11 guest acts and all are A-List names in the music industry including label-mate Ice Prince Zamani,Friends King Kaka,Vanessa Mdee, Bucie, Phyno, Sarkodie etc.

My general view on this album is that this is definitely one of the best put out project by this African queen BUT the beat-changes/shifts on some of the tracks may confuse the listeners but on the other and I find them exciting and kinda arouse anxietyas you really don’t know what to expect.

The features also kinda take the spotlight from Vee but she shines in her own light.I give it a 8.5/10 rating.Its an album so exciting that if u want to delete some tracks off to save phone space you’ll have trouble picking what to get rid off.I’ll do a track by track review of my 5 favorites and leave a link to go buy the album

S.O.S-ft Vanessa Mdee,Emma Nyra,Bucie

Really this right here was Diva power with the amazing Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania,The juicy Emma Nyra from Nigeria and well the creamy Bucie from South Africa…at some instances I got lost in their vocals and couldn’t tell who’s who on the track but the vocals on this one are just on another Mega Level *see what i did there AKA(supa “mega”) & his album level*.The afro-dance beats give an almost club-kwaito feel.Bucie’s verse is also a nice takeaway from this jam.

For You-ft Ice Prince

No matter how much I try pick a track over this one right now I just can’t.This joint is lit *No sativa pun intended*. It was love at first “hear”. I take it like a expecting a boy child after an ultra sound and getting a girl during birth…Why??…I didn’t expect Ice to lead on the chorus since he raps and VK sings but Ice Prince simply slayed the chorus.The sampling of Shabba Ranks’ Ting a ling is also a nice feat especially when VK goes all Jamaican.

On My D-ft King Kaka

The vocals by VK on this one are almost sultry especially due to the fact that the voice is somehow lower than the beat.The trance/house beats will definitely set the mood for a party night in Nairobi’s elite clubs.Well the beat switch ups on this are amazing…Kaka as always doesn’t disappoint with a quick but great Swahili verse.

Fade Away-ft Donald

My ear was left in a kind of orgasm after this track.It’s a guaranteed catch,a slow love making jam.Donald is on some usher magic and the track is pure magic one to favorite on your playlist.

Giving You-ft Sarkodie

This track is a “Sark-cess” it takes me back to Bryson tillers album T R A P S O U L or the Weekend’s Beauty and the madness.It has that sexy dirty kinda vibe and I feel of all collaborative efforts Sarkodie reigned above all.His fast rap verse is pure pleasure.


Its the best solo track on this one and we get a nice welcome to the album when I hear this track.

To download/buy the album check link below


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