Album Review/Download:Rock Bottom-Beast


2017 is off to an incredible music start and as per the last two years Africa is at the middle of it all.South African emcee Beast has possibly released one of the best project this year and the also one of the dopest tracks on the airwaves at the moment in “Where the bread at” off this 15 track EP titled ROCK BOTTOM.

One attribute that makes this album a standout its in the production quality the beats on this album are just incredible by every possible musical standard with almost house-dancy feel to tracks like Aweh,Coast 2 Coast,Stay woke & From the jump to urban trap bangers like Bi’Niss & Get it to slow jams on tracks like I’m so ghetto,Not like that & Defeated.Some tracks beats weren’t done justice and became better than the acts spitting on the beats.

Vernacular rapping dominates the album which adds this African flavour yet spices it up in magical ways but it almost makes me compare Beast to Cassper Nyovest whether that makes him sound unoriginal or not so unique is up to you to decide once you hear this but I feel it works to his advantage.The fact that SA rap is almost dominate by a monopoly of OG’s AKA,Cassper Nyovest and new cats eMTee & Nasty C makes it all predictable in some sort but certifies hits at the same instance but the fact that they all lacked in this EP with Beast featuring guests like Maraza,Lastee,Tellaman,DreamTeam,Erick Rush,Duncan,Stilo,Skye Wanda gives it a new feel to the African audience.

This album is a must have with inspiration in tracks like Rock Bottom,I’m so Ghetto to anthems like Aweh,Where the bread at to love jams like Defeated.Beast has the year to conquer and props to the fact that his tracks that were “unfeatured” rocking more than the “collaboed” tracks.

As a norm I’ll give an insight to 5 tracks that I feel standout.Let’s ride

02.From the Jump

From the jump is almost like this track that screams “Yoh the principal just walked in the class sit up and stop that isht you doing”.Like this is that competion take note track.He simply tears it up verse after verse.

Why you raised the levels on the kids without a warning,

Why you be sizzling since you dropped that global warning

Why you released it t the night and its on radio by the morning,

Boy I told you from the jump…!!”

Goes the hook and both Beast verses are some of the best throughout the album.

04.Where the bread at ft Lastee,Maraza

This is one of the best hip hop tracks this year.It’s a certified banger.He released it before the album and it got me all psyched up for the album release.The Vernac rapping makes it sooooo better and the fact that Gwan crooner MARAZA  is on it makes it super incredible.(OK hold up Maraza hasn’t crossed to East Africa or even the West yet unless you really love afro hiphop you’ll be wondering who he is.Maraza was one of the best rappers last year and his infectious hit Gwan dominated charts.His voice almost scratchy makes rap music sound better.).On where the bread at Maraza slays his verses back to back one in vernac and another in English.Lastee makes the hook all catchy and tempting.This is a favorite.

06.Defeated ft Lastee,Tellaman

On my previous post Tellaman made it to my freshman list for 2017(The Esir Lane African Freshman List 2017 ) and on this track he adds and takes away some elements to it he’s hook is alright but his verse I feel like the vocals went a bit a stray thankfully not so much to make it bad.Defeated has a smooth sensation that gives this old school RnB vibe to it making the track a standout.It’s gangster loving all the way.Lastee delivers again with killer lines on this like

Perfect match like a derby….

I’m sorry if I dived into the deep end…Always been a player but this time I’m playing for keeps”


Once it played I remember starting jumping and “wololo-ing” to it.It’s like Babes wodumo’s Wololo all over again.Wait matter of fact it’s like CaraCara only jumpier.It’s a track best explained when listened to.Three listens to it and was singing along it’s house-kwaito  vibe makes it an “eargasm” guarantee.Just press play I’m lost for words on this.

09.Get it ft Tellaman

Yoh “Tell A Man” that Tellaman is the best trap-hiphop vocalist in Africa at the moment.Chris Brown might have an African him in Tellaman.He basically owned the track don’t get me wrong Beast delivered to but this collabo made it look like he was the guest.The hook is lit in all ways “Watch me gerrit gerrit,watch me gerriiitt”.This is the track that makes you doubt that you favorite on the album is actually a favorite.

5 tracks done but Papi also stand outs like a freestyle and core rap fans will love this one alot.He cements his rap crown on this joint.



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