Artist spotlight/B&W Presents AKA:The Supa Mega


Finally Nairobi…The King will soon touchdown!!!Nairobi bounce because Kiernan Forbes alias AKA alias Supa Mega is set to rock BLANKETS & WINE on 09 April and the thought that i might miss it because of my end of semester exams is crippling me literally.By now I guess you notice the excitement in my words forgive me but I’m the biggest AKA fan-I call myself “The Megatron” my own name for the biggest supa mega fan.


Let me hold it now get my compusure and focus…as I write this I have caiphus song,10 fingers and my 2k17 life soundtrack Dreamwork on blast in my crib and boy is AKA talented.Doesn’t matter who you pit him against and which stronghold you on-I love Cassper,Nasty C,eMTee,Beast,Anatii,L Tido,Khuli Chana,Skhanda king KO,Kwesta,Da Les but Mega is just Mega*We the baddest team ooh*(not meant to start beefs and all).

I follow his performances-the Supa Mega Show was lit and as much as people feel like the auto tunes suck…My opinion is that they add flavor to an already spiced up meal(Have you heard Roll up or Composure on auto tune-one word-Heaven).His freestyles on Westwood and SWAY were also fire as is everything associated with AKA.I’m not being biased on this article but I feel you should grab your tickets and head down to Ngong’ Racecourse Waterfront from 12pm-10pm.Here’s why….

red mega

First AKA is an all round ct and a trend setter he fuses House & Hip Hop/Trap together seamslessly as evident in The world is yours,One Time,Congratulate and 10 fingers.So house/dance music fans will have a nice time as much as the trap and rap fans will-Although he diversifies away and opens doors that restrained him as A Hip hop act he still holds the title of one of African’s best rap acts evident in his killer verses on Dream-work,Bang Out,Roll(Re Up),Saga,Composure,Real stuff and more.

2017 is quater way there and Sup Mega is already packing fire not mention he took his vacation this year.I don’t what it is you on but AKA music should be an addiction and should give you an incredible high-no hangovers just “I want more” kinda vibe.Nairobi let’s hit B&W AND shout LONG LIVE SUPA MEGA LIVE LONG.

Stream the SupaMega Mix by Dj Finalcut and watch the Mega playlist on my channel.

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