#TWOSDAY(DOWNLOAD MP3):MASK OFF REMIX(TOA TINT)-Khaligraph Jones & DESPACITO REMIX-Justin Bieber,Luis Fonsi,Daddy Yankee

Well Kenyan King of Rap Khaligraph Jones is trending…For not so good(at least to a lot of people) reasons but well forget that for a minute…I’m so excited to share this two tracks I forgot I to say hi….Let’s start over!!

Hi The Esirlaniacs 

So its Tuesday or as I love to phrase it #TwosDaywith that said I’ll bless the family with 2 lit tracks both of which are remixes.We have Toa Tint by Khaligraph Jones which is a remix to Mask Off by Trap god FUTURE and Despacito which is a remix to one of the best Latin songs by Justin Bieber🔥🔥🔥.

Khaligraph Jones has bleached people…Which is funny but hey that is none of my business;I’m just happy that this has pushed Papa Jones to provided one of Kenya’s best Jam this year-It’s that good.Toa Tint which is a loose Kenyan swahili slang translation to the word Bleached hence the MASK OFF connection is a track that sees Jones address the bleaching allegations.And here’s a video where he explains the face changes…

P.S:Octopizzo just went in for K.Jones and even pushed him to release a diss track if he wants to.I want to see this two battle…we all do.LINK TO DOWNLOAD MASK OFF REMIX AT THE END.

Well from the Outside world to Africa today I bless you with the number one track from South America Despacito-well a remix to it that features a verse from Canadian superstar Justin Bieber.This is that sex jam-you don’t get the spanish but you hear it and want to make love.Ladies download this and thank me later.

Download Despacito Remix mp3 Click here
Download Mask Off(Toa Tint)Remix mp3 Click Here

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