Track Greenlight:Aminia + Malaika #DoubleX -Nyashinski(Review & Download Mp3)

Oh Boy…Kenya stand still…He’s at it again…..

Whats litty esirlaniacs,

The @realshinski just blessed us with back to back tracks dubbed #DoubleXThe two sides of Nyashinski  sees the now certified Kenya master lyricist go slow on track Malaika(Angel) and wipe off othee rappers on the banger Aminia(Better Believe That).

 On Malaika King Shinski takes us on a love ballad that will make you wish valentines was coming up.And if you dared call Nyashinski soft because of Mungu pekee or Malaika he basically cements his place as Kenya’s King of Rap.

Not to raise a storm but let’s just say and face it #ToaTint & #TBT by Khali and Octo need life support machines after this cause LABDA TUARGUE BEATS JU HAKUNA RAPPER ANATOA HITS KA SHINSKI AMINIA!!!! Listening to Aminia makes me feel like I’m in prison cause its bars over bars.

I love the contrast it feels like going through a Drake vs Kendrick album in two tracks.S/out Shinski.#KenyanRapWarsNeedBars

Download Malaika Mp3 Here

Download Aminia Mp3 Here

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