On the herb highway😎😂

Haha this made me laugh…Check out her Post.The Kenyan Public Transport passenger types-Who’s next to you??


Suppp!!!! Still on the mission to increase my output…so yes I’m back…at the moment I’m squeezed between an old lady and grown man(one is the rock and the other isthe hard place…you can choose who is who) and mtoto wa mtoto wa pastor is asleep on my lap …in a matatu with all its windows shut..feeling real sick right now… I need a car.??

The above is my inspiration today…let’s talk about matatus or for anyone from the likes of USIU javs ?..not about the music or the deco or even how pimped they are (smack now I’m thinking about ‘a pimp named slickback’ from boondox) I want to talk about the passengers…for now I’ll stick to my main route the Nairobi-Meru highway…mmmh wait it’s more of a road but they call it a highway…I’ll use it as my reference mainly because everytime I travel it’s ever…

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