A Break from Music-Get schooled on Life & Love by my brother Mufasa

kings tour


Just trying to meet the person of your life, who really not the one for you because of the different life style that they was raised in. Not really knowing someone, like you think you do, just because some time passed by.

Being deceived by being naive from passion, not really knowing yourself how really could you know another?

So you make the good guy doubt his own self…

He got a car but you walking, He never calls but you stalking.
You blow him up like “boo where you at?” he texts you back like
whatchu talking?

Because he already let you know from the jump that you saw
him,that he wasn’t looking for no cuffing,because that shit
gives him ‘problems‘.

But you blow it off like ” tats cool.”
You sit back and you wait for him, you even bought him some new

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