Artist Spotlight:YCee “THE JAGABAN” 5 Reasons to Love him[Download mp3 Playlist]

​Was kinda out for a few days fam but I’m back on a day that DJ KHALED is set to drop GRATEFUL;And well Drake dropped Signs yesterday and Wizkid featured Major lazer on another Int’l flex anthem Naughty Ride not to mention RITA ORA jumped on Skin Tight to bless us with a remix.But we here to talk about YCee cause the last time I was excited for a project by an artist was when YCee was about to drop The First Wave EP which was lit in all ways possible.It was Wavyyyyy.

YCee is one of my favorite acts out here in Africa his verstility on different beats is one of his pros I mean From Omo Alhaji to Su Mi to Hotline Bling to Ole to Juice-You gotta love this guy.I’m here to give you 5 reason as to why you need to listen to Ycee and what better way to do it than with 5 of my best tracks by the Jagaban Yung Carter.Plug your earphones in it’s about to be a hella lit wavy ride.


5.Omo Alhaji & Panda(Rmx)

Reason number 5 is the monster clib tune Omo Alhaji-This was a “daddy” to all the jams when it came out.The beats are what makes this track out and that chorus makes this a familiar song once you hear it “…Who’s your daddy…Is he a chairman or is he an Alhaji…??”

Panda had a bunch of remixes but my favorite is this YCee one-He shows his lyrical prowess and surprisingly you could actually rap along to this without mumbling😂YCee has the ability to Cover tracks and own them He did it with Panda,Hotline Bling,Mad over you and My number one track.




This is the Intro track to his EP and boy is it perfect if I would’ve list my favorite AfroTrap jams of 2017 my top 3 would feature this track and the number one track.This is the best lyrically put track by YCee it has Bars on bars…“Remember when they never let us in…I couldn’t even get a sentence in…Life behind bars…I’m the one that read the sentencing”🔥🔥✌And like he ends it “My G this ain’t just a wave,It’s a fucking tsunami”


3.Jagaban Remix (ft OLAMIDE)

As much as CONDO was a hit and what put YCee on the radar-JAGABAN was what made hiphop heavyweights look and realize a King is on the rise.Till date I can’t figure out how he flowed on that beat-It was so traditional and unique and YCee just made it look like child’s play and after the original Eyin Mayweather Olamide had to jump on the track and made it heaven.How they go hard makes it look like a rap battle with the crown of KING on stake.I love this-rap never felt better.


2.Juice(ft MALEEK BERRY)

Is this not the best jam at the moment,I mean yeah we had Daddy Yo,Mad over you,If then Juice came and boy it was Too much Juice,Too much sauce(OH AND DAVIDO JUST SAID THEY MADE A MONSTER TUNE WITH YCEE).Juice is that ChillOut and feel yourself AfroPop that makes the world dance-I’ll let the track do the talking.

1.Ahahn(Oooouuu Remix Cover)

Ooouuu…I love this more than the YOUNG M.A original.You should hear me flow through it like i wrote this song.Lyrical domination again by The Jagaban-Just take my word and press play after the download.

Now do you love YCee…??♚♚

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