ALBUM REVIEW:Sounds from the other side(#SFTOS)-WIZKID(Download Album)

What’s litty esirlaniacs…??

I know I’ve been missing in action for a while now-I’m in the process of rebranding but Tonight Africa is buzzing I mean WizKid just dropped his mixtape and well AKA & Anatii will br dropping a project in the coming hours.

#SFTOS is well assembled project judging from the singles already released with Come Closer already gaining over 56 million streams.WizKid tried playing down his Best International Afropop superstar status saying He isn’t aiming to cross over and he’s fovused on making good music for the world feeding his African fan base hoping it grows;Well said Starbwoy BUT is his music reflecting an African vibe or a Carribean infused style with the hope of crossing to USA-That’s for you to decide…

OK back to the review and today we going track by track no fast forwards no skips we riding through this WizKid Gem-I mean it’s the first African project to be released on Sony Music and RCA records.With African features by Efya & Bucie and the Int’l appeal of Trey Songz,Major Lazer,Chris Brown,TY Dollar $ign & Drake it’s set to be a Naughty Ride😜.

01.Sweet Love

With these slow chilled summer traditional soca vibe Wizkid announces his project is all about the Love and summer Vibe.It’s a nice but not the “I’m already hooked” start I expected.All the same the beat break is making me bumb my head-Oh wait and the trumpets are really good-Nice end to that.

02.Come Closer(ft Drake)

Damn this is that track-Drake will have you wanting more from his intro line and well the beats on this blends and takes you back to the One Dance & More Life Drake.Another Summer Love tune…Drake takes it to the superstar level on this one.You’d definitely Sing along to this with some Hotline bling moves while sitted.So far my ride is good.

03.Naughty Ride(ft Major Lazer)

Major Lazer vibes from the start…The beats and chorus are making me regret not calling my belly dancing friend to this hearing session cause boy is it getting Naughty.I love this a favorite so far…I’m turning the volume up now.I like how chilled the vibe is but still it makes you wanna turn up.I declare this a freaky night must on the playlist.More Fire!!

04.African Bad Gyal(ft Chris Brown)

Definitely a Sarz beat production it has the AfroBeat-Edm vibe and glad Wiz is giving him props on the hook.Chris Brown is unrecognizable on the start of his verse but wait he really owns this track better than WizKid.The beat stands out more than the verses on this but well nice effort.

05.Daddy Yo(ft Efya)

One of the best jams in Africa-No country doesn’t jam to this single I believe.It’s a pure dancehall affair on this…The beats,The hook,The Wiz Vocals…You just wanna get up and dance-If I was driving this is where I roll the windows down and turn the music up.Wizzy Boy Made me dance!!!!!

06.One for me (ft TY Dolla $ign)

Nope I clearly don’t feel the start nut the two have awesome chemistry music wise so let’s wait as it grows…The hook makes a nice caption though😍.I feel TY didn’t comfortably take to the beats but the female background vocals are amazing I want more of that and I only get it at the end.Little dissapointed here.

07.Picture Perfect

It’s worth the picture but needs some filters to make it picture perfect but it makes me listen to Wizkid sing because the beats aren’t as ear catching as the other tracks.Wait it’s over that was short but I’d want to see him perform this track with no beat in a massive crowd.I actually love this track it seems like a well covered woman doesn’t give you a boner but she is beautiful and warrants your smile.✌🔥


Holy **** This is making it to my Baby Making Nights playlist.It sparks all these love making vibes.Wait wait wait there’s a switch up yeaaaa I have a favorite.I wanna share this track with someone ASAP…I’m a sucker for such tracks-Slow but All so glorious;Eyy nice end I love the Robot voive effect.The hollow beats❤🔥🔥🔥Give it to me rough😝


Traditional African beats on this one and yeaa nice touch another Sing along to hook.Hahahha I love the talkbreak by Wiz on these one-I wish Mr Eazi was on this track.SPELLZ on the beats☺.SEXY!!

10.All for Love(ft Bucie)

I’m a huge Bucie fan-I love her vocals and before pressing play on this I need some cocktail to accompany it.The Bucie Vocals😍😍😍Few lines in and yea I’m all in-I’m glad because the beats feel Kwaito too.Wizkid not a nice start to it but wait yeaa he is settling in…Finally he is in it I love how it feels like they talking and harmonizing their sounds.Can you tell I love this-Perfect with a cocktail and salsa skills…I love it-I’m favoriting this.What would you do for love???

11.Dirty Wine (ft TY Dolla $ign)

YES!!YES!!YES!!Mustard is on the beat and this is what I call perfect creative space chemistry.Carlifonia will jam love this-It has the Driving across Beverly Hills in the summer vibe well atleast I picture myself.Another sex song-I love it.I love the summer/afro beats sexiness this album oozes.

12.Gbese (ft Trey Songz)

Last song and boyyy it’s Del B-Will Trey really fit here Idk but Wizkid is really bringing it-This is a Nigerian Wizzy and that UpTempo beat is awesomely lit.Yaaay Trey is hella into it the vocals are perfect.Another Afrobeat-EDM vibe and these is complete.Well what a finish.
So the album is done and I think a 7/10 rating is fair Track 01-05 are really really lit from there you get picky but my favorite 5 are Naughty Ride,Nobody,All for Love,Picture perfect & Gbese.Wait no not a 7 this album is really lit I’m habing trouble picking 5 tracks I wanna pick 8 tracks that’s almost three quaters of the album it deserves a 9/10.PRICELESS GEM.Though I wanna see more African Acts on his upcoming projects that’s my only fight.


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