Kenyan Music(#NairobiBounce):Is the #254low finally making waves…??

Whats litty esirlaniacs…??

As I start writing this out I’m just from arguing with a friend on whether buying or taking the time to download a Kenyan song is worth it…?? Well I believe it’s worth it-Last year my post about Kenyan music would definitely be against that but fast forward a few months trust me Kenyan sounds are officially lit;Let me dive deep into it.

I was not the biggest fun of the quality of Kenyan music from the beats to the singers creativity & lyrical level to the videos but now that has somehow changed I mean Cedo,Naiboi & Blinky Bill have redefined and refined the art of beat production in the country even DJ Creme and DJ Joe Mfalme have delivered in making anthems that would do just amazing played as instrumentals.Video production wise I’m not as happy yet with what we offer Octopizzo’s latest offerings though should be a benchmark for every other artists around;Till date I feel Wangeci’s Don’t Consume If Seal Is Broken(Review Here) is one of the most creative art project put out in our land-This right here was a masterclass and I pray the world even if its three years to come listen to this project.

Our music style is something I honestly never tend to brag about and it brings out two talking points in my head:Crossing Over & The Kenyan identity sound. Almost daily do we get to hear about the “We don’t get enough airplay from radio and our Deejays!!” why has Nigerian,South African,Tanzanian and even American music crossed over to us and it’s not neccesary a two way thing-STYLE/CONTENT We will trikide,lewalewa,io kitu,dangerlas (with all due respect) just cause it’s the standard we’ve learned to expect from you artists but someone from the listed countries will definetely not.Which brings the question “Loose our Kapuka vibe to cross over…??” Not really but music is evolving let’s switch it up a good example is PHY‘s Biography EP-A spiced up collection of the legendary Kapuka hits we grew upto better yet how The Kansoul just blaze kapuka up in a dominant way(Either leave the kapuka back or do it in a smashing quality way like them) another case is Victoria Kimani,Octopizzo’s afro-trappy monster jam TBT and the almost rock Aminia single from Nyashinski.

Kenyan listeners too it’s time we embrace and listen and promote our monster tunes-I mean we took Sauti Sol to a MAMAs and won it for them.Download,Stream,Share,Jam the hell out of whatever the New Nairobi is bubbling.

Looking at the Rap Game in Kenya it’s every man by himself-LOOK IF Y’ALL ARE BEEFING GIVE US BARS NOT CAPTIONS.It’s all about the music work together or better each other with crazy competition but major major respect to Khaligraph,Nyashinski,Octopizzo,King Kaka they put in incredible work.

I wanna give a special shoutout and love to The Illest Skwaa in Nairobi i mean Mayonde,Fena Gitu,MDQ,Kagwe Mungai & Blinky Bill you are the reason Nairobi isn’t sleeping Kama Kawaida,Party Nation,Doing her thing tho,African lady,I’m feeling it,Mine,Nairobi all this hits were down to these awesome crew with all due respect to other acts putting in the effort of course but let’s give love where it is really deserved.

5 months till the year ends and I feel you should love Kenyan Music.Here are 10 tracks to prove why just incase you still doubt me.

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